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Envy Forever Lovely crossbody bag With Detachable Straps

Envy Forever Lovely crossbody bag With Detachable Straps

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The ideal multipurpose carrying option for all of your necessities, providing comfort and classic style.

2 in 1:

A phone cover and a large purse both have the ideal crossbody bag design.

You don't need to carry large bags filled with countless pointless items that constantly muddle with the truly vital items.

It becomes a purse when the shoulder strap is taken off.



Lightweight and compact:

All of your cards, your passport, your cash and coins, your smartphone and earbuds, your keys, even your lipstick and sunglasses, are ideal to carry.


- Dedicated smartphone pocket:

Suitable space for cell phones up to 7.5 inches (practically all smart phones)

- Adjustable shoulder strap lengthminimum 60cm- maximum 125cm

Can accommodate most of the smartphones in the market:

8 colorways:

comes in a variety of hues, allowing you to pick your favorite for your personal taste.

superior-grade silky vegan leather

Day and Night

It complements the casual style and uses as well as nighttime thanks to its elegant design.

Perfect to have with you on a night out so that you can dance or enjoy time with your loved ones without worrying about where you'd put your essentials.

Traveling & need a bigger bag?

Thanks to its ideal size, simply add it to your bigger bag. Your most essential things remain in your tiny bag are safe and reachable with no need to transfer anything between bags.


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