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Hat Cold Compress

Hat Cold Compress

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Cold compress therapy is the perfect way to tackle tough headaches and migraines! Our Hat Cold Compress is here to provide you with powerful relief, in a comfortable and convenient form. This uniquely shaped cold compress mask provides form-fitting wear that molds to your head for an optimized cooling experience.

 The cold gel wrap also features a unique combination of materials that are lightweight, breathable and comfortable for maximum comfort during long hours of use. Plus, its adjustable velcro straps make it easy to customize the fit for your individualized needs.

Experience the power of nature’s remedy with our Hat Cold Compress Therapy Cap. Just freeze or refrigerate the gel pack, then attach it to the velcro strips on the mask band, put it on, and start feeling relief from tension headaches and migraines in no time! Don't let pain take over-- conquer those throbbing headaches before they take victory!


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